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Meet the local nonprofit working to restore the National Park's of Patagonia, fostering community ownership of the natural environment and promoting sustainable tourism.

Who Are They?

Lead by Emily Green, the organisation's director, Torres Del Paine Legacy Fund commands an army of local volunteers, united in their passion to protect the incredible natural environment of Patagonia, preserve the local National park infrastructure and foster sustainable eco-tourism and business practice.

"We aim to build sustainable strategies with the help of locals"

"This place is so special to me and I want to do my part to protect it"

Why is their work so important?


250,000 people visit Torres del Paine every year, causing widespread deterioration of the local environment.


With the rapid growth of the region as a tourist hotspot, waste is quickly building up and the community is unable to cope.


Patagonia has some of the harshest weather on earth making the maintenance of infrastructure uniquely challenging.

Explore their amazing work first-hand.

What do they do?

Torres del Pain Legacy Fund aim to make the National Park a world-class destination where visitors and residents work together to promote lasting conservation of natural and cultural assets. Their projects focus upon the restoration of infrastructure and the local ecosystem, as well as promoting community development and responsible tourism.

Environmental Protection


Every summer, Torres del Paine Legacy Fund activate a small army of volunteers to help restore, and build anew, deteriorating trails in the National Park. With a focus upon local capacity building, they contract professional trail-builders from around the world to lead the operation, overseeing the efforts of local rangers and volunteers. By focussing upon empowering locals with trail-building expertise, the project aims to foster local ownership, 'paving the way' to the ongoing, sustainable improvement of local tourism infrastructure.

Recycling at the end of the world

In 2013 Torres del Paine Legacy Fund pioneered a recycling system in partnership with local businesses in Puerto Natales to coordinate weekly ‘recycling days’ and local ‘clean points’ to deposit recyclable materials. When enough material was available to fill a shipping container, it was taken to the local port and added to existing cargo headed to Puerto Montt - home of the closest recycling facility, over 2,000 kilometres North. Such was the project's success that it is now managed entirely by local community members.

What do locals think?

"Great people, great work, a lot of motivation to improve the park"


Local National Park Ranger

"This place is so special to me and I want to do my part to protect it"

"It is great to know that my baby can stay in the nursery whilst I learn"

"This place is incredible. I work locally and had to help"


Employee of Local Business 

"Patagonia is truly incredible. I work with tourists locally and had to help"


Local National Park Ranger

"Great people, great work, a lot of motivation to improve the park"

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