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Meet the local nonprofit supporting vulnerable communities surrounding Siem Reap with education, emergency relief and hope for a brighter future.

Who Are They?

Life and Hope Association is made up of a team of local monks living in the central Wat Damnak temple Siem Reap. Monks who work for the organisation have a variety of backgrounds, some having completed university education, others having pursued successful careers in construction, business and public service. They work with community leaders in rural areas throughout the region to provide programs that promote sustainable solutions to poverty through education.

Why is their work so important?


Complex forms of poverty have persisted, and in some cases progressed, since the country's civil war ended over 30 years ago. 

(Anecdotal, LHA)


Only 53% of 12-year-old girls in Cambodia are enrolled at lower secondary school level and only 40% graduate.

(Cambodia Gov, 2014)


Girls in Cambodia are often required to forego schooling in order to provide unskilled labour at work and at home.

(Anecdotal, LHA)



Explore this Nonprofits amazing work first-hand.

What do they do?

Life and Hope Associations have five distinct programs focussing upon education for vulnerable children and women, as well as the provision of emergency relief for the regions poorest families. Underpinning each program is a desire to build local capacity, empowering communities and individuals to take control of their own future.

Five key programs to rebuilding Cambodia


Page Program - A boarding school program that gives 36 academically gifted girls from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to attend upper-secondary school in Siem Reap.

Sewing Training School - A skills-based learning program for girls from underprivileged backgrounds, providing 10months of fully-funded training and board.

Children's Development Village - A home for 40 local children from either orphaned or abusive backgrounds. Children are provided with food, shelter and healthcare, and are enrolled in primary school.

Buddhism in Society - Combining leadership training with the construction of homes for local families experiencing extreme poverty. Young monks lead the program that produces tangible benefits for the community, whilst also fostering the development of their leadership and communication skills.

Sustainable Communities - A program assisting families in targeted communities with emergency food packages, school supplies and school uniforms.

What do locals think?

Aronras Malis

PAGE Girl, 23

"One day I want to travel the world. That's why I want to work in tourism."


Sewing School Beneficiary, 20

"It's such a change from how I used to live. I can't wait to see what happens."

Venerable Lorm Loeurm

Project Director

"We identify vulnerable girls from rural regions and try to give them new skills."

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