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Crowdfunding For Nonprofits

Online Course Module 9 of 10

Hybrid fundraising for community nonprofits

This is Module 9 of our free online course, 'Crowdfunding for Charities, Nonprofits and Social Causes'. To visit the course homepage, click here.

One of the most effective ways for local nonprofits to ensure fundraising success is by utilising several different fundraising strategies simultaneously. Diversifying your fundraising strategy will greatly increase the effectiveness in reaching your organisation’s funding goal. In this module, we will explore how crowdfunding can work symbiotically with other fundraising methods to drive campaign growth.

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This course is part of our free online learning centre for community development professionals.

What is a Hybrid Campaign?

A fundraising campaign which incorporates multiple different strategies simultaneously in order to optimise results

Different strategies for hybrid campaigns include: crowdfunding, events, partnerships, and high donor and venture capitalist solicitation.

By approaching fundraising from many different angles, you can tailor your organisation’s approach to meet the needs of specific segments of your audience.

Using events to bring your crowdfunding to life

Whilst there are many different types of fundraising you can use to compliment your crowdfunding efforts, few are as powerful as the synergistic effect of using live events in conjunction with your campaign.

  • Live events are extremely effective when executed properly for a number of reasons: 

    • The donor sees an immediate return on their donation in the form of a good time, which they are having by attending the event. 

    • Peer pressure can be an influential tool in increasing donations as people are more likely to give, and give larger amounts, when they feel that others are watching. 

    • Attaching the organisation to real-life people breeds credibility and legitimacy with donors. 

  • Live Fundraising events can include anything from concerts to triathlons, pancake breakfasts or costume galas. Get creative and keep your audience in mind. Try to identify types of events that compliment your mission or allow you to show off your work.

  • Utilise the crowdfunding platform and your social media presence to increase the hype surrounding a live fundraising event.

  • Partner with local businesses to help minimise the costs of the event and involve the local community.

  • Make sure to clearly define in advance how the organisation will get the funds from the event when it is over.

  • In the digital age we live in, these “live events” need not exclusively be things that people attend in-person. Have your supporters make appeals for your organisation on “Facebook live” or ask them to get their CrossFit gym to participate in a session to raise funds. Whatever your crowd is into, there is a way to turn it in to a fundraising opportunity. 

What you need to know about hybrid campaigning

Finishing Up

Hybrid campaigning involves a lot of moving parts, all of which need to be carefully planned and executed, but there is no denying that it is a great way to maximise the potential of your crowdfunding campaign. Now that we have explored the ins-and-outs of campaign promotion, peer-to-peer fundraising and hybrid campaigning, it’s time to learn how to close your campaign with a bang and help solidify your organisation’s support for the long term in our final module.

Download Module

Download this module as a pdf to use as a guide when planning a crowdfunding campaign for your social cause.
Or download the full nonprofit crowdfunding handbook here.

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Closing your campaign

Learn how to turn one-off crowdfunding donors into long-term supporters of your organisation

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