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Supporting local solutions,

to local problems.

Grassroots Collective is building a future where local organisations are empowered with the tools and resources they need to maximise their impact.

Grassroots Collective is working to unleash the power of community development in two ways:

Advocating for local solutions

Showcasing local development solutions that demonstrate the importance of projects run by locals, for locals

Fostering local capacity

Providing online learning resources and personalised support designed to unleash local potential

We are a 100% volunteer staff, each dedicated in our own way to supporting local development solutions.

As the Grassroots Collective has grown, so has the team of dedicated supporters that are helping to maximise its impact: 



George is the founder and director of Grassroots Collective. Since graduating Monash University in Australia with a Masters of International Development Practice, he's worked with community organisations throughout Asia and Latin America, supporting participatory approaches to local development. He has previously worked as an ALS paramedic and currently also works as a seasonal photographer and guide in Antarctica.

Sean & Citizen by Design

Sean has breathed fresh air into the Grassroots Collective brand and identity, designing our logo, planning our website and creating the beautiful layouts for our development handbooks. He is a talented Melbourne-based graphic designer with an eye for captivating visuals and considered design. When he's not donating his time to the Grassroots Collective, he can be found exploring Australia in his ageing Toyota Hiace.
Tobias, Paul, Natasha, Katlyn, Corie, Lynn and Anita.

Ollie, Tom and Rachel

Whilst Grassroots Collective is not a registered organisation, we think it's important to have the same levels of transparency and accountability in place. Ollie, Tom and Rachel are our team of faux-directors, keeping the Collective on track and drawing upon their wealth of experience to provide advice and guidance on how the Collective can maximise its positive impact. Their unique outsiders perspective has proven invaluable.

Creating meaningful learning resources

The resources available on the Grassroots Hub have been created in collaboration with an experienced network of seasoned nonprofit experts.

Tobias has worked with a variety of community development organisations throughout Central America during the past 11 years. He currently works as a freelance consultant and writer while also managing his family´s agro-ecology farm in El Salvador and participating in a community eco-tourism cooperative.
Paul is a Development Practitioner currently working in the Philippines as a project management consultant for a variety of International NGOs throughout the Pacific. His areas of expertise include community mobilisation, grant management, and monitoring and evaluation. 
Natasha is an experienced international development project manager and consultant based in the UK. She has worked with a variety of donors, including USAID, DFID, Danida, Sida, The MasterCard Foundation, Gates Foundation, and Oxfam. She believes in the power of communities to drive successful development processes that meet their needs.
Katlyn is a media consultant specialising in work for humanitarian aid and development organisations. She has worked on disaster response projects with USAID, IOM, Micronesian Conservation Coalition, and Young Pioneer Disaster Response, among others.
Corie is a writer and digital marketer who’s spent her career sharing stories: first, to raise funds for an international humanitarian organisation and then to support an Indonesia-based social enterprise. Today, she leads a nonprofit startup in Florida, USA and is honoured to witness the transforming power of stories in her local community every day. 
Lynn is an expert freelance writer at several nonprofit websites. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, four children, and three dogs. When Lynn is not writing or taking care of her family, she can be found on her Nook reading, listening to podcasts, or gossiping with her friends. Lynn is also Marketing Advisor and Board Member at Roots Ethiopia. 
Anita started her professional career with a degree in computer science engineering, but over the last 8 years, has helped various corporate and nonprofit organisations develop their marketing strategy. She is passionate about conceptualising and implementing innovative campaigns that help build powerful brands. 

Grassroots Collective:

supporting local solutions,

to local problems.

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