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Discover durable solutions by consulting locals


This 9-part course is designed for anybody seeking to understand the art of participatory development practice. History has shown that when people and communities are not meaningfully involved in the processes of shaping their own realities and futures, things don´t usually turn out well. This course on participatory development unashamedly argues that the "how" is far more important than the "what." As such, how development projects are conceptualized, designed, implemented, and evaluated is often more important than the end results and objectives they seek to achieve.

Anybody seeking to facilitate participatory workshops in their community
Explore development theory and discover tools for participatory practice
Nine articles packed full of tips, tools and useful frameworks
10,000 word e-book and a variety of participatory tools (coming soon)
Available in English and Spanish
Who is this course for?
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Tobias is a development practitioner with over 10 years experience working with local community organizations throughout Central America. With Tobias as your guide, this course will explore what participatory development is, offer some practical tools for fostering full community participation, and explore how participatory development relates to more overarching themes related to the well-being of communities around the world.


MODULE 1 - Why is participation important?

Discover why community participation is essential to any and all development projects and efforts. We will explore and review literature relating to participatory development, as well as offer some essential definitions and concepts, including the fundamental stages and different forms of participatory development

MODULE 2 - Local resources and knowledge for development

Explore how local knowledge is essential to the success of any community project. Learn how best to use the skills, resources and insight of community members to maximise the efficacy of your nonprofit program.

MODULE 3 - The problem with problem analysis

Discover the problems associated with how many nonprofits define the problems they encounter in communities, and begin to explore the theoretical and conceptual frameworks that you need to better engage with communities as they are empowered to define their real needs and values.

MODULE 4 - 'Well-being' through through the eyes of locals

Explore how communication with communities that is truly participatory can empower them throughout the development process, allowing locals to change the parameters of what development looks like and what it seeks to achieve for them.

MODULE 5 - Theater of the Oppressed: A 'How-To' Guide

Discover a powerful tool for participatory development: The Theater of the Oppressed. Learn how to facilitate participatory workshops using this tool by following our guide for development practitioners.

MODULE 6 - The Toolbox: Popular tools for local workshops

Explore three more useful tools for participatory development: ‘Drawing the Community’, ‘The Clock Exercise’ and ‘The Problem Tree’. Learn how to use these popular methodologies in order to foster community participation during local development workshops.

MODULE 7 - Participation as a tool for empowerment and advocacy

Explore how participatory development is as much an end in itself as it is a tool to achieve a defined development objective. Specifically, we will learn how fostering or allowing for participatory development can help communities develop a political voice and advocate for their own autonomy.

MODULE 8 - 'The Commons': A fundamental concept of participation

Discover the importance of ‘The Commons’ as a place in between the State and the Market where communities can truly participate in the construction of their own realities. We believe that fostering good governance of ‘The Commons’ is the best way to promote true community participation.

MODULE 9 - Accounting for gender in participatory practice

Explore how participatory development runs the risk of overlooking the voices of women in communities. Discover the special efforts that must be made to ensure that the voices of women are equally included in any participatory development process.

10,000 word e-book including community workshop tools (coming soon)

If you have any questions about this course or how participatory development can help your nonprofit, leave a comment below or email us directly and we'll do our best to support your mission


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