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Collaboration During Disasters -

How do local and international NGOs work together?

February 2017

George Kennedy

Disaster response is an incredibly challenging and complex process. During the initial emergency, two things are certain, chaos will reign and coordination is key. One of the greatest challenges is getting immediate access to affected communities. Whilst international organisations have a wealth of resources and funding at their disposal, they often have little insight into the unique social, cultural and geographic context within which the disaster has occurred. On the other hand, local organisations have strong relationships with affected communities, however lack the economic resources to offer a meaningful response. Collaboration is thus key, both parties having equally important assets to bring to the table in coordinating a disaster response.

During the devastating 2017 Chilean wildfires, we worked with The Global Alliance for Animals and People, a local grassroots organisation that offers subsidised veterinary care and education programs for animal owners in Southern Chile. During the disaster, they responded to a rural emergency triage centre for horses, offering emergency care and transport for injured animals. They took the time to talk to us about their collaboration with the International Foundation for Animal Welfare during the disaster response. Take a look at our video to learn more.

About the Author

George is the founder of Project Eudaimonia and has worked with local development organisations all over the world, from Cambodia to Patagonia. He is currently riding his motorcycle through South America, visiting local community NGOs and sharing their stories of grassroots development.

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