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Understand the tools you need to stimulate local micro-economies


Anybody who seeks to stimulate cash-flow in developing communities
Understand micro-economic theory and use basic economic tools
Nine articles with questions, each taking 15 minutes to complete
10,000 word e-book and strategic economic templates (coming soon)
Available in English and Spanish
Who is this course for?
All of our courses are 100% FREE


MODULE 1 - What is economic development?

Explore the fundamental principles of economic development and discover why careful consideration of economic development should underpin any development project seeking to improve local livelihoods, even those at the grassroots level.

MODULE 2 - A cash problem

We critically analyse two key publications relevant to grassroots economic development: 'Portfolios of the Poor' (2009) and Poor Economics (2011). Explore a series of case studies where we explore the challenges associated with economic management in vulnerable communities and how development can help.

MODULE 3 - Micro-financing in developing communities

Explore the rise of micro-financing in development spheres and how this has changed the art of economic development forever. Learn about the industries shortcomings and discover innovative solutions that may be help solve these unique challenges in your community.

MODULE 4 - How do low-income families use their funds?

Discover what the budget of low-income families looks like and explore the evidence surrounding how these people choose to spend their money. Is it simply a question of poor economic management, or something far more complex?

MODULE 5 - Creating effective cash transfer programs

Discover how you can use creative economic project planning to leverage cash transfers for social change. If executed with care and precise targeting, cash transfer programs can have profound affects in supporting vulnerable communities, particularly those isolated by war or remote location.

MODULE 6 - Stimulating financial literacy in local communities

Explore the strategies you can use to promote sound financial literacy in your community. Learn about the specific principles of budgeting and personal financing for individuals and families living in poverty.

MODULE 7 - Eliminating transaction costs

We take a look at the ‘micro-costs’ born by locals when they participate in your development programs, as well as provide strategies to identify and eliminate these costs in your community.  Learn how to create programs that minimize any economic stress on beneficiaries.

MODULE 8 - Incentivising good economic practice

Incentivising behavior is a contentious issue in economic development. A wealth of evidence exists suggesting it is a cost-efficient method of stimulating local economies, however many highlight that it creates a culture of reliance, as well as re-enforcing dictatorial, ‘colonial’ development methodologies. We break down the evidence and outline when and where to incorporate incentive mechanisms into your program.

MODULE 9 - Capitalising on 'relationship collateral'

Discover a new and innovative method of micro-financing that leverages social capital in order to secure loan repayments. Whilst consensus surrounding the details of this method are still being debated by academics and practitioners, initial studies show great promise for this new style of economic development.

10,000 word e-book and strategic economic template (coming soon)

If you have any questions about this course, or how economic development tools can best support your community, leave a comment below or email us directly and we'll do our best to support your mission


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