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Environmental protection and supporting vulnerable youth. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meet the local nonprofit working with local communities to protect the environment, support vulnerable youth and educate a new generation of conservationists.

Who Are They?

Fundacion Amartya is made up of a team of Development Practitioners, Social Workers and conservationists united in their passion to support vulnerable communities and protect the environment. In collaboration with locals, they design and create beautiful green spaces, advocate for environmentally sustainable policy and offer vulnerable youth the opportunity to lead local conservation efforts.

"Working directly with communities means we can create more durable programs".

"We design each park to fit the unique needs of every community".

Why is their work so important?


Whilst Argentina is well known for its meat exports, the livestock sector contributes up to 14.5% of global carbon emissions.

(Grossi, 2019)


As Argentina endures economic crisis, poverty rates have risen to 41.1% in greater Buenos Aires and inflation soared to 47.6%.

(UCA, 2019)


High rates of urbanisation and population growth are putting significant stresses on infrastructure, particularly in BA.

(EPR Arg, 2019)

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Explore this Nonprofits amazing work first-hand.

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What do they do?

Fundacion Amartya offer a broad range of programs designed to promote sustainable living in urban settings, protect Argentina's natural environmental and support a new generation of environmental activists.
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30 Green Apples - Climate Leaders

Each year, Amartya sponsors 10 youth from vulnerable regions of Buenos to participate in a year-long course on climate leadership. Each week, the students attend 2-3 days of workshops designed to develop their leadership skills and give them the confidence to become climate activists. The students then coordinate events within the local community, running recycling programs, education programs at local schools and advocacy programs with their local government representatives.

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A New Generation of Activists

Amartya produce online materials designed to help educators teach children about the environment. Schools can access a wealth of resources online for free, created for students from primary school to university. 

What do locals think?

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Amartya Project Coordinator

"Helping vulnerable youth become leaders in the climate crisis solves two problems at once"


Youth Leader

"It's great that we can come together as a community and support one another."


Youth Leader

"This one year scholarship has changed everything for me. I can't wait for what's next"

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